Why should you book a free virtual home decor consultation?
We can help you create a beautiful home you'll love.

YoYou don’t have to do this alone! With Tepperman’s Free Virtual Home Decor Service we can help. You’ll be confident in your selections and planning after seeing your space come to life digitally. Virtually, in-store or in-home, our knowledgeable and educated Home Decor Specialists will be there to turn your vision into a reality.

Personalized design package including mood boards and 3D renderings to bring your home vision to life.

Room layout planning to optimize space and functionality with expert guidance in product selection process. We will recommend furniture with the features and function you are looking for that also aligns to your preferences.

Access to the latest trends and innovations in home decor to elevate your space by adding the finishing touches to your room including area rugs, lighting, art & accessories.


We treat everyone with dignity.
Our first priority is to make sure you walk away feeling great! Whether you’re a first-time customer coming in to have a look around or a long serving member of our staff, it is important to us that you are happy with the way you are treated.


Our reliability.
We stand by our word. Having faith in us as an individual, customer, or as a business, is the foundation for a solid future.


We are unified for a common purpose.
When we work as a team, our goals are easier to reach. It proves to our business partners, our staff and to you that you can be confident that no matter who you are in contact with you can expect support. We are all in this together.


We make positive change to strive for excellence.
New ideas and thoughts are important to a company and individuals for growth and development. When these ideas are well thought out and implemented with a plan in mind, the results can be spectacular. In today’s competitive environment, innovation is crucial to the survival of an independent, family business.


Our commitment to everything we do.
When a challenge or opportunity is presented to us, we approach it with excitement and a desire to always improve. We handle everything we do with passion, so you will feel confident that you are receiving the best service possible.


We treat customers and coworkers like family.
Our belief has always been that staff, business partners, and customers, should be treated as an important part of one big extended family. As employees, we spend a great deal of time together, for the relationship to work well it has to be trust-worthy and nurtured carefully. Our coworkers and you, our customer, deserves nothing less than to come to a place in which you feel you are cared for.