About Us


Our grandfather, Nate Tepperman, started the business selling furniture door to door in 1925.

What started as a dream turned into one of the largest independent home furnishings stores in Canada. We have shared a wonderful relationship with generations of loyal families like yours. For nearly 100 years people like you have trusted us to bring you the best fashions, values and brand names in Furniture, Mattresses, Appliances, and Electronics at prices you will love.


We're not a faceless nationwide chain, rather a hard-working family-owned business in our third generation with a hands-on approach.

When you visit Tepperman's, you'll find something else: that intangible difference that family makes.

When we do it right they will come back!

What does this mean? It’s Tepperman’s mission to get you to come back by providing you the best all around shopping experience. From the moment you decide you need products for your home until you're happy with a Tepperman’s product; and then ultimately, to when you decide to shop with us again. If you are happy with every aspect of our business, you will return again and again, will speak positively of your experience with us and may pick us as your home furnishing store of choice for life.


We care about all the communities we serve, our involvement is written into our DNA. We give back to local charities and organizations because we believe in being a good community partner


Our knowledgeable and experienced product experts in each of our departments will listen and help you find the perfect solution for your home.


Working closely with you, we develop easy, in-house, flexible and personalized financing, while providing the best service and support throughout your entire experience.


We strive to recycle 100% of all packaging materials and continually look for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Read more about it in our Sustainability page.


Leave the heavy lifting to us with our white-glove delivery and set-up, or with our fast and friendly drive-thru customer pick-up.


Our certified professional installation service makes it easy for you. Ask a sales professional when you purchase your new appliances and they will be happy to help.

To be the store where people love to do business

Our vision can be applied to more than just you - our customer. It is applied to everyone from customers and staff members to suppliers and business partners. We want every experience to be favourable and memorable.

Our Values

Our first priority is to make sure you walk away feeling great! Whether you're a first-time customer coming in to have a look around or a long serving member of our staff, it is important to us that you are happy with the way you are treated.

We stand by our word. Having faith in us as an individual, customer or as a business is the foundation for a solid future.

When we work as a team our goals are easier to reach. It proves to our business partners, our staff and to you that you can be confident that no matter who you are in contact with you can expect support. We are all in this together.

New ideas and thoughts are important to a company and individuals for growth and development. When these ideas are well thought out and implemented with a plan in mind, the results can be spectacular. In today's competitive environnment, innovation is crucial to the survival of an independent, family business.

When a challenge or opportunity is presented to us, we approach it with excitement and a desire to always improve. We handle everything we do with passion, so you will feel confident that you are receiving the best service possible.

Our belief has always been that staff, business partners and customers should be treated as an important part of one big extended family. As employees, we spend a great deal of time together, for the relationship to work well it has to be trust-worthy and nurtured carefully. Our coworkers and you, our customer deserves nothing less than to come to a place in which you feel you are cared for.